Product Spotlight: Hirose Adaptor Cable

April’s Product Spotlight is the Silynx Hirose Adaptor Cable. Learn everything you need to know about this unique and virtually universal connector!



The Hirose Adaptor Cable has a Hirose 6 pin Quick Disconnect Connector (QDC) on one end and a Silynx QDC on the other to attach to an existing Silynx headset system. The Hirose 6 pin QDC is a universal connector, allowing users the ability to easily and inexpensively alter their communication systems for different radios, by attaching a radio adaptor.


The Hirose Adaptor Cable is compatible with the CLARUS, Optimus, and CLARUS XPR headset systems. (A version of the CLARUS FX2 with a 6 pin hirose connector is available as well.)

The cable is compatible with a wide variety of radios and radio adaptors.


Operation is simple. Connect the Silynx QDC to your Silynx PTT control box, and connect the radio adaptor to the Hirose 6 pin. The radio adaptor should click into place. Then attach the radio adaptor to the radio of choice. The radio should then be turned on followed by turning the Silynx headset system on. Be sure to have a AAA battery in the PTT’s battery chamber. Once connected and powered on the Silynx system will automatically be able to receive audio transmissions, and be able to send audio transmission by pressing the PTT buttons on the control box. To disconnect, slide the silver portion of the Hirose connector back and remove the radio adaptor.


To purchase the Hirose 6 pin Adaptor Cable or Hirose Radio Adaptors, check out our store or contact one of our Partners!

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