Product Spotlight: HSI – Infantry Headset

July’s Product Spotlight is the NEW HSI Infantry headset. Learn everything you need to know about this new cost effective Silynx Headset!





HSI is a single-sided headset with a vented circumaural ear piece to provide clear incoming audio while allowing situational awareness of your natural surroundings. HSI headset is available with 6-pin audio / push-to-talk (PTT) assembly or in situations where a PTT is already on-hand, HSI is available with a standard NEXUS TJ101 connector for use with all standard U94PTT or other push-to-talk units. Headset is available with electret microphone for use with military radios and a dynamic boom microphone for use with law enforcement radios.

The HSI is ideal for military or tactical operators who need reliable communications in a minimalist format. Includes adjustable headband for wear with or without helmet, on either side of your head. Available in black.


The HSI Infantry Headset is available in two version for maximum compatibility.

HS0012-30: 5 pin connector compatible with MBITR/PRC148/PRC152 radios.
HS0012-34: Nexus TJ101 connector compatible with any brand U94 PTT with a NEXUS female jack.

For full technical specifications the brochure can be view here.


Version HS0012-30 includes a fixed hand PTT button with wrist strap. Simply connect to your radio and begin usage.

Version HS0012-34 will connect to your existing U94 PTT. Simply plug in the Nexus jack and begin usage.


To purchase the HSI Infantry Headset click here!